Heavy is a simple game about the strain of keeping secrets. You play as a bundle of secrets collapsing under your own weight as you scramble around to prevent the word getting out.

This project was developed in Unity over the course of 30 hours.

Kaveh Tabar (art/animation/code), Duncan Corrigan (art/design), Liam Flannery (code), Rob Hart (audio)



Weight of Love weaves reality, fantasy and paranoia into traditional notions of romance.

Reminiscent of film stills, the vignettes create a story arc exploring the fetishization of misconstrued feelings of entitlement, dependency and jealousy.

The scale of the work perpetuates a sense of grandeur and drama, though ultimately the works capture my unlearning and reclaiming of the nuance in love and intimacy.


Composing Life / Silent Giants


TWO CITIES is an accumulation work created as part of a Berlin residency I completed last year, plus a progression of my work since arriving back in Sydney. The Berlin project 'Composing Life' was an exercise in storytelling and became a map of intersecting narratives. Formed from the idea that through storytelling we experience empathy, nuances arose from the bias created by retelling a narrative from a perspective that is not your own.
Returning to Australia with lingering thoughts on the theme of empathy, my latest works Silent Giants takes a more critical look at empathy. 'Silent Giants' is a project that considers subtler forms of bias, discomfort, or oppression that we may justify for our own benefit or convenience.

Sydney | Mural art | Illustration | Printmaking

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